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BCCN AG-Seminar

Tuesday, 16.05.2017 14 c.t.

Rhythmic entrainment in the human auditory system

by Dr. Alexandre Lehmann
from International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research, McGill University, Montréal, Canada

Contact person: Theo Geisel


MPI DS seminar room (0.77/0.79)


The human nervous system can be readily entrained to external rhythms, through multiple sensory modalities. Entrainment to stimulus regularities may underlie cognitive functions such as the perception of beat in music and the ability to synchronize movements with predictable, periodic sounds. Neurons in the human auditory system can synchronize their activity to a regular stimulation. Such neurons may underlie a dynamical system that couples to external rhythms and thus enable entrainment to different rates of the auditory input. In this talk I will review recent research from my team on auditory neural dynamics of subcortical and cortical entrainment, in various sensory contexts (auditory-visuo-motor), in both normal and impaired populations (congenital amusics and cochlear implants patients). I will conclude by discussing current challenges to study interpersonal coordination phenomena such as dancing.

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