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Publications of Ghazaleh Afshar

A. El Hady, G. Afshar, K. Bröking, O. Schlüter, T. Geisel, W. Stühmer, and F. Wolf (2013).
Optogenetic stimulation effectively enhances intrinsically generated network synchrony
Front. Neural Circuits 7:1-15. download file

A. Neef, A. El Hady, J. Nagpal, K. Bröking, G. Afshar, O. Schlüter, T. Geisel, E. Bamberg, R. Fleischmann, W. Stühmer, and F. Wolf (2013).
Continuous Dynamic Photostimulation - inducing in-vivo-like fluctuating conductances with Channelrhodopsins
Preprint at arXiv. download file download file