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Publications of Nikolai M. Chapochnikov

N.M. Chapochnikov, H. Takago, C. Huang, T. Pangrsic, D. Khimich, J. Neef, E. Auge, F. Göttfert, S.W. Hell, C. Wichmann, F. Wolf, and T. Moser (2014).
Uniquantal Release through a Dynamic Fusion Pore Is a Candidate Mechanism of Hair Cell Exocytosis
Neuron 83(6):1389–1403. download file

M.A. Rutherford, N.M. Chapochnikov, and T. Moser (2012).
Spike encoding of neurotransmitter release timing by spiral ganglion neurons of the cochlea
J Neurosci 32(14):4773--4789. download file

A.C. Meyer, T. Frank, D. Khimich, G. Hoch, D. Riedel, N.M. Chapochnikov, Y.M. Yarin, B. Harke, S.W. Hell, A. Egner, and T. Moser (2009).
Tuning of synapse number, structure and function in the cochlea
Nat Neurosci 12(4):444--453. download file