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Publications of Mantas Gabrielaitis

T. Pangršič, M. Gabrielaitis, S. Michanski, B. Schwaller, F. Wolf, N. Strenzke, and T. Moser (2015).
EF-hand protein Ca2+ buffers regulate Ca2+ influx and exocytosis in sensory hair cells
PNAS 112(9):E1028–E1037. download file

A.B. Wong, M.A. Rutherford, M. Gabrielaitis, T. Pangrsic, F. Göttfert, T. Frank, S. Michanski, S. Hell, F. Wolf, C. Wichmann, and T. Moser (2014).
Developmental refinement of hair cell synapses tightens the coupling of Ca2+ influx to exocytosis
EMBO J 33(3):247-264. download file