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Publications of Markus Helmer

M. Helmer, M. Schottdorf, A. Neef, and D. Battaglia (2017).
Gender bias in scholarly peer review
eLife 6(e21718). download file

M. Helmer, V. Kozyrev, V. Stephan, S. Treue, T. Geisel, and D. Battaglia (2016).
Model-Free Estimation of Tuning Curves and Their Attentional Modulation, Based on Sparse and Noisy Data
PLoS One 11(1):e0146500. download file

M. Helmer (2015).
Attention: A Complex System From the Intricate Modulation of Tuned Responses Towards a Layered Cortical Circuit Model
Phd thesis, GGNB PTCN, Göttingen. download file