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Publications of Dominika Lyzwa

D. Lyzwa, and F. Wörgötter (2016).
Neural and Response Correlations to Complex Natural Sounds in the Auditory Midbrain
Frontiers in Neural Circuits 10(89):1--14. download file

D. Lyzwa (2015).
Neural responses to natural sounds in the auditory midbrain: A model comparison
International Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN):1--7.

D. Lyzwa, J.M. Herrmann, and F. Wörgötter (2015).
Natural Vocalizations in the Mammalian Inferior Colliculus are Broadly Encoded by a Small Number of Independent Multi-Units
Front Neural Circuits 9(91):1--19. download file

D. Lyzwa, and J.M. Herrmann (2014).
Predicting neural responses to natural sound in the auditory brainstem
Comp.Neurosci. Conference, BMC Neurosci 15 (Suppl 1):O6. download file

H. Zutz, D. Lyzwa, C. Ronning, M. Seibt, and H. Hofsäss (2009).
Self-organized formation of layered carbon-copper nanocomposite films by ion Deposition
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 267:1356-1359. download file