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Dr. Michael Schnabel

Group: Theoretical Neurophysics
Projects: Pattern formation in the developing visual cortex
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Selected Articles:
M. Kaschube, M. Schnabel, S. Loewel, D.M. Coppola, L.E. White, and F. Wolf (2010).
Universality in the Evolution of Orientation Columns in the Visual Cortex
Science 330:1113--1116. download file download file
M. Kaschube, M. Schnabel, F. Wolf, and S. Löwel (2009).
Inter-areal coordination of columnar architectures during visual cortical development
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106(40):17205–17210. download file
M. Kaschube, M. Schnabel, and F. Wolf (2008).
Self-Organization and the Selection of Pinwheel Density in Visual Cortical Development
New Journal of Physics 10:015009 (20pp). download file
M. Schnabel (2008).
A Symmetry of the Visual World in the Architecture of the Visual Cortex
Phd thesis, University of Göttingen, Germany. download file
M. Schnabel, M. Kaschube, S. Löwel, and F. Wolf (2007).
Random waves in the brain: Symmetries and defect generation in the visual cortex
European Physical Journal 145:137-157. download file
M. Schnabel, and T. Wettig (2000).
Fake symmetry transitions in lattice Dirac spectra
Phys. Rev. D 62(3):034501 (4pp). download file

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